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  • What are requirements
    to apply?

    Application Requirement :

    Whether you’re just beginning your career or taking it to the next level, you can apply to ChemEssen so long as you are confident that you can successfully fulfill the duties and responsibilities as posted on the job description. It is important to list your degrees, certifications, licenses, and work experiences which are relevant to the job. We welcome applications from every background irrespective of degree, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, race, religion or personal situation.

    Employment Condition :

    All new employees undergo a probationary period, which is three months from the starting date. The salary and benefits during the probationary period would be the same as permanent position.

  • What is the process for
    job application?

    How to process the job application

    1. Please send your resume to We will carefully review it and inform you whether you are invited to the first interview via email or SMS.
    2. When you are invited to the first interview, you will have a casual interview with direct managers. Please feel free to ask any question about our company and you also could look around our offices.
    3. After the first interview, we will inform you again whether you are invited to the final interview, which will be held with our CEO and managing board.
    4. Once you are accepted, our HR staff will personally contact you to inform you all the process and the documents you need to submit.
  • Who is
  • Which position is

    Web Programming Developer (Senior/Junior)

    - Job Description : IT Software Web programming (Frontend/Backend)
    - Job Requirements :
    ㆍ 4 year college major in related subjects such as computer engineering or computer science
    ㆍ Java 5+ years experience with Spring/Mybatis Framework
    ㆍ 2+ year experience with DB SQL
    ㆍ Those who have no reason to disqualify overseas travel

  • Who is
    the CEO of ChemEssen?
  • How much is
    the salary?

    What is the salary like in ChemEssen?

    ChemEssen staffs are relatively paid higher salary than other similar-sized company in Korea.
    However, we are not only looking at the annual salary, but seeking higher returns as a venture company.

Why don't you join us
for a new renovation?

No official working hours.
You can choose your flexible working hour.

Free Lunch until you leave our company.

Leave on time without guilt.

You can continue developing your skill;
100% Reimbursement for work-related books, seminars, and education.
50% Reimbursement for other activities such as learning language or fitness.

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