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Mol-Instincts Chemical Property Database

World’s first chemical database based on Quantum Mechanics.


Mol-Instincts is the world’s largest and the most comprehensive database, providing more than 10 billion sets of data for over 2.85 million chemical compounds. It was constructed based on the 41 patented technologies which combine quantum mechanics with today’s most advanced mathematical modeling approaches. The prediction technologies assure the accuracy level of above 95% in most cases, which has been verified with the experimental data available to date. More than 2,100 sets of data per compound are available, comprising thermo-physico-chemical & medical property data, spectra & quantum data, molecular descriptors, and other scientific information.

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Chemical Real Time Predictor

Physico-Chemical Property Prediction based on QSPR.


Mol-Instincts Real Time Chemical Property Predictor estimates the physicochemical properties online for arbitrary chemical compounds in real-time. Reliable estimation based on QSPR and Artificial Neural Network enables chemists to predict any chemical compounds immediately. It is fast and simple tool with just one-click on the website. Now it is available for free, even no sign-up needed, for a limited time.

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Scientific Unit Converting App

Convert any derived units for scientists and engineers.


A new revolutionary mobile application can convert any derived units with combinations of numerator, denominator, and power terms, which are graphically displayed for an easy use on both iOS and Android system. Also, it can be run on its website,

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